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Hawaii Packing List (For All the Items You Won’t Think to Bring)

Hawaii Packing List

Millions of tourists come to visit Hawaii each and every year – and many times, they are quite unprepared.  Sure, everyone knows to bring swimwear and flip-flops (slippers for locals), but Hawaii adventures require a bit more than that.  So to help you out, here is a Hawaii Packing List for all the items you won’t think to bring (a printable version is available at the end of the post).

For the Ocean

Odds are, at some point during your stay in Hawaii, you will make your way to a beach.  I’ve noticed that many tourists seem to forget a simple beach towel and are forced to buy one that is overpriced at one of the many souvenir shops. Instead bring one from home!  Or buy one online before you leave for your trip, like this doggo one.

Beach bags are also a commonly forgotten item on the Hawaii packing list.  Usually tourists are carrying all of their beach gear in a Walmart bag that has already started to tear.  Instead of praying that your plastic bag won’t break as you’re crossing the street, you can use this nice little beach tote or even a simple canvas bag, like I do.

And if you’re planning on actually getting into the ocean, water shoes, goggles, and snorkeling gear might be a good idea. Costco is usually an awesome place to get these products for a great price!

Hawaii Packing List

For the Hikes

Most of Hawaii’s hikes – with the exception of Makapu’u Lighthouse and Diamond Head – are quite muddy, like Manoa Falls and Likeke Falls.  Some require a couple of small river crossings.  Some have you scuffing your shoes on each and every rock you pass.  Needless to say, your shoes can get quite beat up on Hawaii hikes – but they are totally worth it.  So bring so active shoes that you would be okay with throwing away at the end of your trip.  Trust me, you won’t want to take them back home with you.

If your shoes are bound to get real muddy and wet, so will your socks.  So bring a couple extra pairs of socks with you on your Hawaii vacation as well.

Be sure to always bring water (and perhaps a snack) on these hikes as well!  Instead of having to remember to buy another water bottle on your way out each day, just bring a reusable water bottle!  The small 18-ounce hydroflask is my personal favorite.  Get one here!

Of course, you’ll need something to carry your snacks and water in, and I absolutely have to recommend a mini High Sierra backpack.  I’ve been using my mini High Sierra backpack for my adventures for literally a decade – and it is still in great condition!  High Sierra’s water-resistant material is perfect for protecting your phone and camera from potential water and mud splashes during those river crossings. If you want to purchase one, Amazon is ready for ya!

Hawaii Packing List

For the Surprises

Most tourists expect Hawaii to be sunny and warm all the time, but it can get quite a bit chilly here.  I’d definitely recommend bringing a light jacket to wear when you go out at night.

That being said, during the day, it usually is quite sunny, so don’t forget to bring a pair of sunglasses!

As for the last item on my Hawaii packing list, I’d recommend bringing a waterproof camera.  So many of the adventures in Hawaii that you’d want to be able to capture would put your technology at risk.  Beautiful Hawaiian sea turtles, crashing waterfalls, Pipeline waves – all moments and places that require a waterproof camera to be captured.  The GoPro HERO5 is a fantastic option!  However, if that’s a little above your price range, this camera is a pretty good alternative.


Want to download this Hawaii Packing List? Click here! 

Hawaii Packing List

Anything else you think needs to be added to this Hawaii Packing List?  Write it below in the comments!

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Hawaii Packing List

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58 Comments Hawaii Packing List (For All the Items You Won’t Think to Bring)

  1. Mayuri

    This is an amazing packing list! Thanks for sharing, I’m sure it will be applicable for most cities with similar weather or temperature

  2. venturingventuras

    I am absolutely obsessed with Hawaii! My husband and I went for our Honeymoon last year, and I still can’t get over it! I can very much agree with your surprises though – it gets quite chilly and the wind can be a lot. So, bringing a jacket and some long pants is always a good idea!

    1. Borders & Bucket Lists

      AH! YES! So excited for you! I have a ton of Hawaii-related posts on my blog (there will definitely be a lot more added these next few months as well), so if you’re looking for some ideas and local tips, check it out!

  3. carrieemann

    Good to know about the muddy hiking trails (although I can’t imagine throwing out shoes just because they got muddy — you can wash them!). I prefer a sarong over bringing a beach towel, though — they pack way lighter.

    1. Borders & Bucket Lists

      Lol trust me. After a couple hikes, the shoes become unrecoverable! But the hikes are totally worth it!

  4. Amy @ Family Globetrotters

    I could not have come across this post at a more opportune time! We are heading to Oahu in a couple of months and I was just think about what we would bring. Is the water warm in July. Sounds like a silly questions but in Australia even in the summer the water can be cold. Good tips about the beach bag! Don’t want to be walking around Waikiki with a Walmart bag! LOL

    1. Borders & Bucket Lists

      Yay I’m so excited for you!! And yeah, it’s quite warm in July – even the water is nice and warm :). If you have any more questions, feel free to peruse around the extensive Hawaii section of “Borders & Bucket Lists” or contact me if you have questions!

  5. Christina

    Great packing list. It is hard to remember things when you are on vacation mode and you helped think of things some people may not have. I definitely agree on always bringing a waterproof camera and GoPro is the best!

    1. Borders & Bucket Lists

      Thank you so much! And so true! It’s sometimes hard to remember everything you need when you’re thinking about all of the fun you’re going to have!

  6. Ashley

    We LOVE Hawaii! We’ve been to the Big Island, Maui and Kauai – we still haven’t made it to Oahu yet. The only thing I would add to that packing list is a camera – because everything in Hawaii is GORGEOUS!

    1. Borders & Bucket Lists

      Such a good addition! And you definitely have to make it to Oahu one day (be sure to venture out of Waikiki!)

  7. NieNie

    I haven’t been to Hawaii since I was a kid! I hope I can go back soon, but I remember all of the beauty there was there! Beautiful photos and great list!

  8. Melissa

    Love the downloadable list! It really works great for many of the Central American countries I’ve visited to that have both beaches and great hikes. And yes, I always forget a towel! 🙂

    1. Borders & Bucket Lists

      Ooh good to know! Whenever I get to head the chance to go to Central America, I’ll use this packing list too lol.

  9. katherinefenech2017

    You’re so right about the beach bag! We didn’t have one when we went to Maui in April, but luckily my boyfriend’s mother had thought ahead and had one of her own. Great addition to the packing list!

  10. Mindi Hirsch

    What a great list! Though I agree it’s way better to visit prepared, I must admit that I ended up buying a tacky pair of Hawaii themed slippers that I wore for years. I hope to buy another pair when I return.

    1. Borders & Bucket Lists

      Thank you! They are basically just my go to activities that I hope other people will be into too lol.

  11. inlocamotion

    Thanks for these tips! I definitely second bringing a reusable water bottle – good for hydration and for the earth!

  12. Atul Chauhan

    great list! Simple, to the point and answer what many people generally used to forget during their packing. Hawaii has been on my bucket from while, Planning to visit soon.

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