What to do on Oahu, Hawaii When It’s Raining

Raining in Hawaii

This week was more rainy than usual, so I had to figure out something different to write about for this week’s blog – something that didn’t require the sun to be out.  I mean, its not like I could go on a hike while it was raining.  Then I wondered, “what do tourists do when it rains in Hawaii?  They can’t just sit around in their hotel rooms, right?”

I decided that there were two possible options to deal with the rain: embrace it or avoid it.

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Hawaii’s Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

Even though I was born and raised in Hawaii, I had never been to the famous Aloha Stadium swap meet (flea market) until just a few days ago.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it was definitely worth the experience.

After paying the entrance fee of $1 per person, we gained access to all of the booths surrounding the entire stadium.  They sold all sorts of items (catered mostly to tourists) at surprisingly cheap prices!  (Many of the booths sold 7 T-shirts for $20!)

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet Sarongs

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