Downtown Waikiki: The Ultimate Tourist Hub

 This summer, my goal has been to have new experiences and, in the process, I’ve explored most of the island of Oahu.  I’ve pretty much covered the entire island in the past couple of months, from Kaneohe and Laie in Discovering the Northeast Side of Oahu, Hawaii to Ko Olina on the West side of the island in A Secret Lagoon in Ko Olina, Hawaii.  However, until just a few days ago, I had yet to immerse myself in the ultimate tourist hub of the island: downtown Waikiki.

To avoid traffic, we started our day in Waikiki pretty late with a lunch a P.F. Chang’s.  I don’t know what they put in their sauces, but their food is always so good!  I ended up getting some of their dumplings, and they were amazing (I even kind of forgot to take a picture before I ate a couple of bites, because I was so excited to try it!)

They had chopsticks with instructions if we felt like attempting to use them.

​I was told that the directions were on-point, but I still completely failed.  I think I ate a grand total of five bites of my meal using the chopsticks.  One day, I will successfully eat an entire meal with chopsticks.

We then decided to take a walk around the area, and here are some places that I thought were picture worthy:

Then, to end our day, we spent some time at the famous Waikiki beach.  It was ridiculously hot, but it was amazingly beautiful too.

Not a bad day at all.


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