Hawaii is one of the most in-demand tourist destinations across the entire world. According to the Hawaii Tourism Board, there were over ten million visitors to the Hawaiian Islands in 2017! And the numbers have only been increasing since then.

Many of the visitors to the Hawaiian Islands tend to spend their time in the tourist hubs that are set aside for them, rather than venturing out to the other (and in my opinion as a local, more beautiful) parts of the islands. So to encourage these visitors to explore the Hawaiian Islands a little more, I have written about the best of Hawaii’s secret beaches, hidden waterfalls, tucked away food joints, and so much more.

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A Local's Guide to Oahu, Hawaii #oahu #hawaii #oahuhawaii #localtips #honolulu #waikiki
The Best Things to Do on Oahu, Hawaii #oahu #hawaii #oahuhawaii #localtips #honolulu #waikiki