Iroquois Point (Pu’uloa Beach) on Oahu, Hawaii

Iroquois Point Oahu, Hawaii

A couple of months ago, my family and I decided that we were going to go to a new beach every week.  Needless to say, that idea has started to die down already, but we did get to see a few amazing beaches.  My favorite beach was Iroquois Point (also known as Pu’uloa Beach) in Ewa Beach.

After stopping for a security guard and showing them our IDs (the beach is on military property), we got to relax.  The beach had an amazing view of Diamond Head and the East side of the island.  For hours, we just sat on the warm sand and watched the planes fly overhead as they landed at the Honolulu Airport.  But my favorite part was, hands down, unearthing the little ocean treasures.

…a few sea shells and a crab claw…
…that’s not a cool purple shell…that used to be a sea urchin…
…some heavily edited rocks and shells…

I took a couple of these gems home in hopes of making something artsy with them, but that has yet to happen.  These gems were already so beautiful on the beach where they belonged.  Perhaps I will make something in the future, or perhaps I will return them to their home at Iroquois Point.


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