Likeke Falls: One of Oahu’s Secret Waterfall Hikes

How to Get to Likeke Falls
I’ve been missing my hiking days back home just a little bit, so I’ve decided to write this blog post about one of my favorite waterfall hikes back home on Oahu: Likeke Falls.

This is probably one of my favorite hikes because the effort-to-payoff ratio is pretty good.  You hike (or walk slightly uphill) for a solid twenty minutes, and there is a nice-sized waterfall there for you.  No, it’s not the skyscraper-tall Manoa Falls waterfall, but it’s not the lame Waimea Falls that all of the tourists are told to go see.  Likeke Falls is a nice balance, and that makes it a great hike for kids!  Almost every time I’ve gone, I’ve seen a few kids there, playing in the little pools beneath the waterfall.

However, this hike manages to stay rather deserted, because it’s pretty easy to get lost.  Even finding the initial trail in the first place is a bit of a struggle.  In all honesty, I ended up finding it by following the one other person I saw in the area and then, when she paused to take a break, I continued to walk, hoping it was in the right direction (it wasn’t).

If possible, try to do this hike (or pretty much any hike on the island) with a local.  However, if that’s not possible, I will try to make this hike a bit more accessible for you, my dear readers.  So, without further ado, here are some directions on how to get to Likeke Falls (and the hike that leads to it).

And Finally – How to Get to Likeke Falls!

How to get to the trailhead

In Google Maps, put in “Ko’olau Ballrooms”.  When you get there, park in the back corner.
In that area, you will find a paved path with a rusty chain across it.  Pass the chain and continue walking on this paved path.
You will eventually come to a water tank covered in graffiti.  If you can touch the water tank, you’ve passed the trail start.  The muddy trail on the left should be just before the circular path around the water tank.  In other words, when you are walking towards the water tank, look to your left.  You should see a couple of gaps within the plants that lead to a muddy trail – follow this path.

So you’ve finally reached the trailhead!  Now to get to the falls…

For the next few minutes of the hike, the path is pretty straight forward.  Eventually, you will reach a stone path.  This used to be a path used by ancient Hawaiian royalty – pretty cool right?  Anyways, this stone path will start to slope uphill.  When this happens, look to your right.  There should be a dirt path.  Get off of the stone path, and continue walking on the muddy path.  You’ve stayed on the stone path too long if it forks into two separate paths (I did that by accident – do not continue on either of these paths… there are a lot of savage mosquitos up there).
If you continue walking on the dirt path, you will eventually reach a little stone bed with water trickling over it.  Walk along the left edge of the little stone bed and Likeke Falls should be just around the corner.

Anyways, I hope these directions on how to get to Likeke Falls are clear! Let me know in the comments if I need to clarify anything!


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