9 of the Coolest Treehouses in Hawaii (That You Can Stay At!)

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Are you searching for the coolest treehouses in Hawaii? Then look no further! This list has nine of Hawaii’s best treehouses that are available for rent. Looking for one featured on HGTV? Or maybe one that’s just minutes away from Hawaii Volcano’s National Park? Or perhaps one that’s just the right balance between comfort and luxury? No matter what you prefer, there’s a fantastic treehouse in Hawaii for you featured on this list.

As kids, we all imagined living in a treehouse for a little while. I mean, what could be cooler than sleeping in a little house nestled in a huge tree? Now, you can make that dream come true! You can not only live in a treehouse, but you can live in a treehouse in Hawaii!! Which of these amazing treehouses in Hawaii will you choose to stay at?

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20 of the Coolest Airbnbs in Hawaii

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Photo Courtesy of The Surf Shack


Are you on the hunt for the coolest Airbnbs in Hawaii? From treehouses to glass pyramids to yachts to luxury villas, there are dozens of stunning Airbnbs in Hawaii. Which one will you choose for your dream vacation?


Airbnb has revitalized the travel industry. Rather than having to stay in the same hotels in the same touristy cities as everyone else (like in Waikiki, for example), you can stay pretty much anywhere that you would like in the coolest of accommodations – like the 20 below.


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Pohoiki Beach: Everything You Need to Know

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It’s not every day that a completely new beach is created. Pohoiki Beach, also known as Isaac Hale Beach Park, was created in October 2018 from the lava flow from the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano. The lava was hardened into lava rock, and then the huge waves broke down these rocks rather quickly into glistening black sand at this brand new black sand beach.


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