Pohoiki Beach: Everything You Need to Know

Pohoiki Beach Opener

It’s not every day that a completely new beach is created. Pohoiki Beach, also known as Isaac Hale Beach Park, was created in October 2018 from the lava flow from the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano. The lava was hardened into lava rock, and then the huge waves broke down these rocks rather quickly into glistening black sand at this brand new black sand beach.


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A Complete List of Oahu’s North Shore Beaches

North Shore Beaches Opener

There are so many North Shore beaches on the island of Oahu, but most tourists tend to go to the same handful of beaches. As a matter of fact, even in my Ultimate Guide to the North Shore of Oahu, I limited myself to only eight of the many North Store beaches. So, without further ado, here is a full list of all of the beaches on the North Shore of Oahu (that I, a local, know of) listed from East to West.


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