Where to See Turtles on Oahu, Hawaii – UPDATED 2020

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Looking for the ultimate guide to where to see turtles on Oahu, Hawaii? Look no further! This article from a Hawaii local has everything you need to know about spotting Hawaii’s treasured turtles.

Ask anyone what’s the one animal they’d like to see in Hawaii, odds are, their answer will either be 1) dolphins or 2) turtles (which locals call honu).  Unfortunately, most visitors have no idea where to see either of these lovely sea creatures!  So to help out with half of that situation, I’ve decided to write about where to see turtles on Oahu! Continue reading “Where to See Turtles on Oahu, Hawaii – UPDATED 2020”

The Famous Lanikai Pillbox Hike

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The Lanikai pillbox hike is easily one of the most famous hikes on Oahu (after Stairway to Heaven, Koko Head, and Diamond Head).If you’re new to hiking, this could be a good way to motivate yourself to do a slightly more challenging hike. If you’re basically a pro hiker, this little trail will have a super rewarding view for the little bit of effort you’ll have to put in. Either way, here are some basics to help you with the Lanikai pillbox hike.

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The Ultimate Guide to Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

I did not ever think that I would be writing an ultimate guide to Kapolei, Hawaii post, but I am.  The little city I grew up in is starting to boom, so I’m starting to think that it deserves an ultimate guide of its own.

*Note: while the Ko Olina Lagoons are included within the Kapolei zip code, they will be excluded from this guide, as I have already written about the area in The Ultimate Guide to the Ko Olina Lagoons.

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The Magical Landscape of the Garden of the Gods, Lanai, Hawaii

Garden of the Gods, Lanai Far

Before visiting the Garden of the Gods, Lanai, Hawaii, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Even after looking at photos, I was still quite confused.  Each shot looked quite different, and what they did have in common with the subjects seemed to very with the color, shape and location.  All I understood was that there were round rocks, and there was orange dirt.

But I said to myself, if we just end up seeing rocks and dirt, so be it.

And I’m so glad I did, because those uncapturable round rocks and flecks of orange dirt created a location that was unlike any other place I’ve ever been. Continue reading “The Magical Landscape of the Garden of the Gods, Lanai, Hawaii”